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Custom made

#OnlyForYou Concept

the thing we love the most is creating individual designs together with our customers.. you!

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Bring your unique piece of jewelry to life

Design process

Custom design process

Your journey begins with a conversation to define your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you know precisely what you’re looking for or have no idea at all, we help bring it all together. Your ideas turn into sketches and then to renderings, giving us time to define and refine your piece to perfection. As soon as the design meets your full expectation, the magic begins in our workshop!

Choosing the right design:


One of the most important things is to choose the design that fits into your lifestyle. Sometimes the occasion may affect strongly the design (graduation, engagement etc.) that doesn't mean that someone must go away from his own style.

Choosing your metal:


Some parameters to consider are: your skin tone, budget, and allergies.

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Choosing the right stone:

If the design you wish to bring in life has stones or you wish to add this feature in order to enrich the design, you may keep in mind that this is a big determining factor for the design itself. Therefore it is very important to choose the correct option for your budget, the occasion and lifestyle. Our experts are ready to assist in sourcing a wide variety of diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

Design factors




At METALLON Jewelry Workshop you are guaranteed the finest quality materials & craftsmanship because satisfied customers make us happy!


To make our jewelry we use finest quality materials such as: 


  • precious Metals: 14K Gold (585°) or 18K Gold (750°), sterling Silver 925° 

  • precious Gemstones: Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds 

  • semi-precious Gemstones: aqua marines, tourmalines, corals & many more

  • fine quality Synthetic Gemstones like zircons

  • Pearls  


We often like to make use of alternative materials which give a more contemporary aspect to the end result. Anything that can stimulate our creativity is more than welcome! Materials, such as, the fish line we use at the Sea Life collection ;)

All precious stones are certified by authorized gemologists and international institutes (GIA, HRD).

Finest quality Materials

Choose the perfect engagement ring design

An engagement ring is something that is worn everyday for the rest of your life, therefore it is very important that it is able to take the wear and tear of your daily life.


There are some questions you can start responding to yourself while browsing for Engagement ring designs:

Do you want a sturdier bezel set ring or a fine prong setting?

What is the style you prefer, a solitaire ring, sidestones or maybe a twist setting?
Do you prefer one big stone or rather a few smaller stones or both?

What suits you more, a timeless Round stones or an interesting shape like Oval or Heart?
Do you like crystal white or coloured stones?

Do you like White metal or rather Yellow or Rose coloured?
Do you want engraving on your ring?
Do you prefer a wide band or a thinner band?
Do you like Classic design or more Contamporaneous and simplistic rings?
Is it a ring that you will feel confident wearing everyday?

Understanding the 4C's of Diamond buying


A diamond's cut refers to both the shape of a diamond (round, cushion, and on) as well as the facets: the size and amount of facets, which significantly impact a diamond's light dimensionality.

White diamonds are rated in color from D (absolutely colourless) to Z (light yellow). A totally colourless diamond is preferable because allows light to pass through, resulting in more dimension.


A carat is the weight of a precious stone, and is the easiest way to measure a diamond. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.



A diamond's clarity is determined by its number and location of "inclusions" or flaws, which can interfere with light passing through the diamond. Diamonds are rated from flawless (no inclusions) to imperfect (inclusions visible by the naked eye).

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Let's design TOGETHER

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Describe your desired features. 

Your particular customization (of a reference you may have) what to keep - what to change 

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