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Going to propose soon? We have lots of engagement rings to choose from. Find your style and let's customize it together.

Amethyst Engagement Ring | White Gold 14Κ with Amethyst & zircon

SKU: mono2
  • This engagement ring is made with white Gold K14. It comes with an amethyst stone in the center & zircons.


    White Gold 14K.

    Platinum plating.

    Amethyst & white zircons.

    Model wears white Gold.

    Each design can be customised according to the customer's wish. 
    We can apply different material for the body and plating.
    The cost may vary depending on the changes we would make.
    You can send us an email and we will contact you in detail about availability and extra costs.


  • 8 x12 mm (0.3 x 0.4 in)