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Release the Goddess in you

The impressive peacocks’ feathers are the design inspiration of Hera’s Collection. Peacock is considered as one of the sacred symbols of the Goddess Hera, queen of Olympus and husband of Zeus. It was known in ancient Greece as a beautiful proud bird, which is said to have led the goddess' chariot to the heavens. According to Greek mythology, Hera placed the famous "eyes" on their tail in order to honour Argos, her vigilant guard who had 100 eyes scattered throughout his body.

The lines and the patterns of the collection seek to convey the glamor and elegance of the jewelry of Greek antiquity, through a more modern touch, inspiring every woman to feel how uniquely special she is.

Delicate Wing Earrings | Sterling Silver 925°

  • Sterling Silver 925° earrings.

  • 40 x 25 mm