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"Kentimata" which means "embroidery" in English is a collection inspired by our Grandmother’s handmade crafts of decorating fabrics. Those items were found as decoration in all Greek houses, people also know them by their most popular name “semedakia”! Grandmothers usually used semedakia as a decoration for the top of the TV.



About History:
Ancient Greek mythology has credited the goddess Athena with passing down the art of embroidery along with weaving, leading to the famed competition between herself and the mortal Arachne.

Greek embroidery presents a variety and richness of decorative themes. In addition, handmade embroideries are considered works of art.
The embroideries as silent witnesses tell the story of every place "stitch by stitch". The threads, the patterns, the canvas fabric reflect the economic and social conditions of the time, the aesthetic patterns and even the cultural influences from distant lands that were gradually assimilated into the workpieces.

In the islands, embroidery has a greater variety of colors and designs. While in the mainland of Greece, from the Peloponnese to Macedonia, both colors and patterns are shown more strict, like Doric Order. People who lived in the mountains were traditionally more reserved characters and this is a characteristic reflected in folklore culture.

Curly Leaf Necklace Kentimata | Sterling Silver 925°