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The circle, a shape that is found in many cosmogenic myths as well as in all religions. One of the four fundamental symbols. This shape symbolizes perfection and eternity, an eternal movement. In mythology it is associated with the worship of fire, deities and heaven.

Hoops (earrings) symbolize strength, eternity and wholeness. Apart from the hidden meaning that every woman looks for in what she chooses to wear, the rings are an elegant piece of jewelry, which despite its simplicity has a unique elegance.


Surrounding the charm of the circle, they become irresistible in the eyes of everyone. Whether in gold or in silver, simple or more decorated, all hoops makes the appearance of every woman more impressive than ever.

Hoops 5 Earrings | Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925°

SKU: M29
  • Handmade in Greece under the watchful eyes of the finest craftspeople, these hoops are made with gold plated sterling silver 925°. An all day jewelry that combines with every outfit, suits every woman in a particular way. Hoops can emphasize the strongest part of every woman's face. Give a chic touch to a simple outfit or enhace a formal look.

    Each design can be customised according to the customer's wish. 
    We can apply different material for the body / stones and plating.
    The cost may vary depending on the changes we would make.
    You can send us an email and we will contact you in detail about availability and extra costs.

  • 50 mm (1.96 in) diameter